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Born in a not-so digital world, trying to get the most out of the century.


Barna Bartis

A 27 year old digital product designer/UI UX designer/pixel pusher/multitalented human (…just make your choice) born in Transylvania, Romania constantly seeking for new challenges //literally//

Currently based in Zurich, Switzerland working in the startup industry for automotive innovations.

In my past life I might have been a dog or something totally different, but one thing is for sure that I was always in trouble. Went trough almost all the fields of design industry, starting from being a motion graphic designer when I was 17, after becoming a set designer in future movies like The Martian (2015) //really, check it on IMDB, my name is there// until the digital product design (fancy called UI/UX) in the past 6 years.

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